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Heartstrings Benefit Concert in Wichita

December 18, 2010

Jeffrey Faus, guitarist, singer, musician, writer and long time Trees for Life and Books for Life staff member appears on KAKE TV as part of the “Heart Strings” Guitar program. In addition to appearing on KAKE TV to promote the Heart Strings program Jeffrey has been instrumental in organizing the “TUG THE HEARTSTRINGS” music event.



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  Join us at the Tug The Heartstrings event

Wednesday, Dec. 29, 7:00 p.m. til 10 p.m. @ Adobe Venue 1330 E. Douglas


December 9, 2010

   A Great Time

Join us

Wednesday, Dec. 29, 7:00 p.m. til 10 p.m. @ Adobe Venue 1330 E. Douglas


HeartStrings is coming to First Friday!

December 2, 2010
HeartStrings is coming to First Friday! 
Wichita’s popular monthly music crawl will be presented by HeartStrings on December 3. Adam Hartke, organizer of First Friday, has been talking with the bands and venues involved, and several of them will be accepting donations to help sponor guitars for kids in Nicaragua.

Another year has passed!  Come out and celebrate the last First Friday of 2010!  We have some great shows this go around!  On behalf of the Wichita music community, I would like to thank you for your continued support of live music in Wichita!

Decembers First Friday is present by HeartStrings.  There will be various locations accepting donations on behalf of HeartStrings during Decembers First Friday.  Have a look at the awesome charitable work this organization does:


Schedule of Events
December, 3rd 2010
City Arts – Bruce Huss (acoustic, fingerstyle)

Oeno – Emily & Jacob (jazz, xmas songs)

Larkspur – Jazz

Riverside Perk – Robin Roberts & Billie Preston (acoustic, folk)
Orpheum – Ad Astra Arkestra, Too Femme, Boys Beware (indie rock, experimental) *CC
Naked City Gallery – CJ Boyd with 69 Nose *CC
Meads Corner – Dave Owens (singer/songwriter)

Rock Island Live – Radio City, The New Imperialism, Hot Dog Skeletons, Sons of Great Dane (rock, indie) *CC
Blue Lounge – Afterparty (indie rock) *CC
Kirby’s – Tom Page Trio, Erik Mallory (dust bowl rock & roll)

Thanks to our sponsors for helping make this event possible: Lucinda’s, House of Schwan, Midwest Drum & Percussion, KMUW, Naked City Magazine, KWCH/KSCW, Wichita Arts Council, Wichita Downtown Development Corporation, REAL Development, Nieman Creative, and Fractions Journal.

To sponsor First Friday please email:


*CC indicates that a cover charge may apply.

Fifth Grader donates 100th Guitar to Nicaraguan Children

November 30, 2010


A 10-year-old girl in Wichita is raising money to help Books for Life to provide guitars to kids in Nicaragua who can’t afford musical instruments. She has sponsored the 100th guitar donated through HeartStrings, a program of local nonprofit Trees for Life.

Adara Claphan, 10, is not only learning to play guitar herself—she also is raising money so that poor children in Nicaragua will have guitars to play. One of the guitars she is sponsoring is the 100th to be donated through HeartStrings, a program of Wichita nonprofit Trees for Life International—bringing the count halfway to the overall goal of 200 guitars.

Adara, a fifth grader at a public school in Wichita, was inspired when she visited the Trees for Life office with her grandfather. There she met Balbir Mathur, president of Trees for Life. Mathur told her about HeartStrings, a movement to provide guitars to kids in Nicaragua who can’t afford musical instruments.

The guitars, which normally sell for $350 each, are being offered by the Manuel Rodriguez & Sons guitar company for only $50 each as a gift to children in impoverished areas of Nicaragua. The guitars will go to libraries established by a branch of Trees for Life called “Books for Life.” That way, each guitar will be enjoyed by many children.

The idea struck a chord with Adara. “I told Balbir, ‘Actually, I play guitar, so that would be pretty cool if I could send one of these.’ And he told me, ‘Well, you could make this into a fundraiser.’”

Later in her visit, Adara saw volunteers making jewelry out of beads from India. That sparked another idea. “I said, ‘Why don’t I sell these, and that’s how I’ll make the money.’”

Adara started selling the necklaces and earrings for $5 each to people at her school and church, and going door-to-door in her neighborhood. She explains to people, “Each time I raise $50, they will send a guitar to Nicaragua.”

Adara says the response has been positive and generous. “People say, ‘Oh, that’s really nice that you’re doing that.’ And sometimes I get, ‘I don’t want the jewelry, but I will just give you $5 to donate.’… And one time a girl bought three necklaces and then handed me $30 and told me to keep the change.”

Adara is excited about giving the 100th guitar through HeartStrings. “It makes me feel really good, because I heard the goal was 200 guitars, and I sent the 100th guitar. And I hope to send a couple more, so I got more necklaces and earrings, and I’ve been selling again.”

Adara is part of a growing number of people joining the HeartStrings movement, which is headed by Ann Garvey and Richard Crowson. “Music is the international language of the heart; it can truly change lives,” says Garvey. “We hope to provide tools with which these children can bring to life the music in their hearts.”

“This is a movement in which anyone can participate,” Crowson adds. “For only $50, someone can provide a quality instrument. Or, a share of a guitar can be given for as little as $5.”

When asked why she is reaching out to help children in another part of the world, children she will never meet, Adara explains: “I thought about how much I like playing guitar, and how it would make another kid in a different country feel—happier than I feel, because I know they’re probably a poor country and don’t get many things like this.

“I always think, when I get a Christmas gift, I feel there’s kids that don’t get Christmas, and there’s kids that don’t even get meals every day. So, when I send a guitar, they kind of get a Christmas gift.”

For information or to donate: or
Contact: info(at)booksforlife(dot)org
Phone: 316-945-6929
Or, send a check payable to: Books for Life, 3006 W. St. Louis, Wichita, KS

HeartStrings at Walnut Valley Festival

September 20, 2010

Kansas Acoustic Arts Association (KAAA) members Jim Colucci and Lynn Young (rt) pass out flyers about HeartStrings — a Books for Life program in which people are helping to provide guitars for children in Nicaragua. The KAAA group shared information about HeartStrings at their booth at the Walnut Valley Festival, a well-known acoustic music festival held annually in Winfield, Kansas.

HeartStrings will provide guitars at the Books for Life libraries in Nicaragua. The guitars are being made available by Manuel Rodriguez & Sons, makers of world-renowned classical guitars. You can join in by providing a guitar to the children of Nicaragua for only $50 — or giving a share of a guitar for as little as $5.

To Give:
or call 316.945.6929