Balbir Mathur and Manuel Rodriguez Guitar

Balbir Mathur, President of Trees for Life with the  Manuel Rodriguez Guitar that inspired the Heart Strings Guitar project.  Balbir received the guitar from the Manuel Rodriguez Guitar company as a gift for speaking at an international conference  in Spain. As a result of that award Balbir proposed to “pay the gift forward” and, in cooperation with the Manuel Rodriguez Guitar Company, who offered 200 guitars for cost, a goal of purchasing the guitars for Libraries and therefore the children of Nicaragua was created. The cooperative efforts of  numerous donors, participants and musicians at the Tug the Heart Strings concert held on December 26 in Wichita purchased 47 additional guitars toward that dream. The entire order of 200 guitars entirely purchased by donations will begin their journey to Nicaragua very soon.

  1. Jenny Stover-Brown & Henry Harvey
  2. Samatha Gales & Adara Clapham
  3. Richard Crowson, Phil Burress & Karen Crowson
  4. Bob & Rudy Love
  5. Pop & the Boys

Trees for Life would like to thank to the generous support of the Wichita Acoustical Society and the talented musicians for making the Tug the Heart Stings concert a success.

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