Books for Life Supports Early Reader Project



 Three years David Grayson of Dodge City, Kansas started a project designed to encourage area children to read. Grayson built 15 bookcases and stocked them with books for beginning readers. This year with the assistance of Walt Redburn, John Featerstone and Marsha Gomez 50 bookcases were built for area students.

Bookcases waiting for a new home


 To insure that each of the 50 bookcases came well stocked with books, David Kimble, executive director of Trees for Life International, in cooperation with Dillon’s Food Stores provided 1,000 books for the project. The students receiving the bookcases were selected by their respective elementary schools and from Bright Beginning Head Start and Sacred Heart Cathedral School. Each bookcase is personalized with a plaque bearing the child’s name, and a certificate with their sponsor’s name on it. Grayson uses individuals and local businesses to sponsor the cost of a bookcase.

Sponsor Walt Redburn with Student

And what about next year? If 50 bookcases filled with books were good, then 65 has to be even better, right?  Well that’s what David Grayson and his carpenter elves think.

One Response to “Books for Life Supports Early Reader Project”

  1. TheGregCurtin Says:

    Amazing story—really, really glad to see someone out there giving the gift of books in such great manner.

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