Children to receive ‘top quality’ music education in UK


Time Plan – A Teaching Recruitment Agency in the United Kingdom

Published online – September 27, 2010

Education secretary Michael Gove has launched a new independent review of music education as part of a drive to ensure all young people receive a “top quality” grounding in the field.

According to Mr Gove, research suggests learning an instrument can help to improve numeracy, literacy and behaviour.

The review, headed by Darren Henley, managing director of Classic FM, will therefore seek ways to broaden access to music opportunities, attract teachers and improve training.

“Having worked closely with leading music educators and thinkers over the past few years, I know how much of a positive difference high quality music education makes to children’s lives,” Mr Henley commented.

“I am looking forward to delivering to ministers a report which outlines how we can ensure that every child in England benefits from a world-beating music education system.”

Last week, Mr Gove revealed he was axing the Self-Evaluation Form, which is filled in by heads of school prior to an Ofsted inspection, in an attempt to reduce red tape.

Gove wants children to receive 'top quality' music education

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